Monday, October 5, 2009

ARWNY Drawing

Every year ARWNY goes to the Akita Nationals if we can. We missed it last year but have attended most years recently. Its a great way for us to reconnect with the breeders, talk about our rescue efforts and to raise funds for our rescue work by having a booth where we hold great drawings!!

Nancy knocks herself out thinking of ways to make each National drawing new and exciting. This year, she began a whole year ago, by figuring out some great new ideas for a drawing.

SO, you have to go to

and see what this year holds -- its very special, very limited and you better buy your tickets NOW before they are sold out!!

Also, we have some new exciting designs coming on T-shirts & sweatshirts too -- we will debut them at the Nationals then will put them on our online store to sell. So be watching for that!!

Its vital for us to make money to fund our rescue work and drawings, raffles, items to sell are a big help to us -- so please, support us by buying tickets and buying shirts when they are available, ok?

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