Monday, November 16, 2009

Its all about the money....

when you do rescue because without MONEY rescue can't function. In this time of economic trouble, donations have dwindled for all of us in rescue -- we are all hurting yet we are having more and more Akitas in need of homes than ever before.

So, since I am well-known to NOT be of much help when it comes to fund raising (I spend it, Ms. Nancy tears her hair out wondering how to get more, then I just spend it again because food, vets and boarding all cost money, eh?) I decided to try my hand at something with Ms. Nancy's blessing. This past weekend, I sat at my computer and taught myself how to use CAFEPRESS and ZAZZLE. Don't laugh -- for a computer-challenged dolt like me, it was HARD WORK!!

But I finally did it and I put all the designs my son did for us recently along with some older designs we love, up on both sites so you can order away, get something for the money and we get a portion for our rescue work!!

Of course, we still have our ARWNY store which has the biggest selection of our items -- but do check out the two other sites and let me know what you think!!

And be kind -- I'm still learning so if you have any suggestions, I'm willing to hear them and learn but if you just want to tell me I'm a boob & have no clue what I'm doing, don't hurt my feelings -- my physical therapist does that on a weekly basis & I have to PAY her to hear that! *SMILE*

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