Thursday, April 15, 2010


This picture is from the Akita National held in KY -- these adopters attended the RESCUE PARADE that day!!! So I posted it here to get you all in the mood!!

PLEASE keep these dates in your head: SEPTEMBER 21 to the 25th 2010. Those are the dates of the Akita National to be held in Gettysburg PA --

ARWNY is very excited that this very big, very important, Akita-only show is being held so close to us here in our neck of the woods! We want ALL our Akita Adopters to participate -- we want them ALL to consider walking their Akita in the RESCUE PARADE and there will be more info coming -- the date of that parade will be the afternoon of September 24th, 2010. Once the forms are put up, I will post the exact location of the paperwork to be filled out -- no cost to be in the parade and trust me, its SUCH a wonderful thing to have everyone clapping and cheering for the story of your adopted Akita that you are walking around the ring! AND you get a rosette, ARWNY is going to have a bandana for every rescue to wear in the ring and YOU get to feel on top of the world -- where of course, you belong for being a great adopter!!

So please please --- keep those dates in mind and consider coming to the National to see ARWNY, see our great booth, participate in our great raffles & fun things we do ONLY at a National show, and to be part of the BIGGEST & BEST RESCUE PARADE EVER!!!

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