Saturday, July 17, 2010

When the right home comes along....

its just perfect in so many ways. Like its meant to be -- no hoopla, no panic, no miscommunications. Just sheer perfection and it does our hearts good at ARWNY. We have those -- perfect homes. Homes I often say "Gee, could you adopt ME too?" Homes that are meant to be, for whatever reason, for that particular Akita, at that specific time. For reasons unknown to us, the specifically perfect home for that specifically perfect Akita finds us -- I don't know how, but I suspect it has something to do with all those Akitas up there "over the Bridge" who are looking out for us!!

There are really good adoptions we have done that I will forever be grateful for; many wonderful dear forever friends we have made over the years from those adoptions and I feel very lucky to have them in my life. Some of those adoptions take time, working out particulars and finding just the right Akita, sometimes having to take one back & work with another because it just didn't work or the folks keep on coming back waiting to find the Akita that they feel will work best. Its not that those aren't great homes -- they are and I applaud every single person that ever comes to adopt an Akita thru rescue -- it takes a special caring person to bring home ANY adult Akita and make it work. Every adoption is a good adoption to me, when it works out wonderfully no matter what -- we love every one of our good adopters!!!

But then, sometimes something just falls from the sky when we least expect it, when we are down in the dumps about an Akita that just seems to not have a chance at a home for whatever reason; and you know when that perfect times suddenly happens -- "Geez, I must have been REALLY extra good this month, cause doG just sent me the perfect home for this Akita that we had so little hope for."

No working out particulars, no showing of two, eight, thirteen different Akitas until one clicks. Sometimes out of the blue, with no warning, when the sunlight aligns on our heads JUST right -- someone just walks up to us at a public education function or finds our website on line and says/writes, "I want that old/sick/specific needs Akita right there on that page, he's mine, because he NEEDS ME." No need to meet other Akitas, no need to counsel on what the home will need or if they can handle this specific age/health/needs issue -- they come already saying, "I have already called my vet, discussed with them this Akita's needs. My trainer is on standby to help me with any issues. I have a crate, I work from home/can come home at lunch every day to walk him. I own my own home, have no other pets, my previous Akita had health issues/was old when I adopted him/had specific needs too, and I understand them so no worries."

Sometimes -- the stars just align right. A particular Akita may sit for weeks, months even, making us worry we will never find that perfect home. We get antsy, starting to question how to ever place an Akita with these issues, or this age, or these needs.
Then the clouds part; the perfect home walks in, and our worries are over. Their vet references are over the moon. Their personal references are sterling. Their home check is sheer perfection. Their attitude is just what we wish to always deal with. And best of all - the Akita they want WANTS THEM TOO!!!

Over the years, I have had those homes -- some are etched in my memory; the Akitas and people have become almost legends in my mind. Some of the adopters have sadly passed on, and I like to think of them up there, over the Rainbow Bridge, playing with the Akita they bonded to so magnificently that had so many issues that they were happy to overlook.

And over the years as part of ARWNY, we have been blessed again and again like this. Some special needs Akitas have come to us -- and some equally special HOMES have also just walked out of the blue, fell into our laps and we cannot thank the doGs above enough for sending them our way.

Sometimes, when you get to a point of almost giving up on people, they surprise you. I am glad to be part of rescue, so that my faith in humans, while often tested, gets renewed ever so often by wonderful situations like these special adopters.

You know who you are -- I don't need to mention you by names......just know how much you mean to me!!

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