Monday, February 8, 2010

Its freezing cold in many places in the USA today. Has been for weeks. Below 32 degrees most nites, with snow and or freezing rain covering the ground. So can you imagine yourself sleeping outside, without any shelter, a huge chain connecting you to a wall or a tree stump, nowhere to get out of the cold wind, rain or snow?

Well that's the fate of many dogs out there today. Not just Akitas -- but many breeds -- breeds whose coats cannot handle the cold weather as our Akitas often can. Dogs should not live on chains. Dogs should be inside with their families, being loved and cared for as the family members they are meant to be.

Dogs on chains suffer in many ways -- not just physically but mentally too. Dogs on chains have no socialization, no chance to know love and kindness. Dogs on chains become frustrated, territorial and fearful.

Here is a link to a very sad situation that could have been avoided had this dog not been on a chain:

Speak up if you know of a dog living on the end of a chain -- call your local shelter, leave a note in the owner's mailbox. Call Tammy at and find out what you can do to help or ask her for help with a certain situation.

By not doing anything, it makes you as bad as the owner in a smaller way -- by turning our backs on a situation like this, it lessens our humanity. Please please speak up -- and always make chained dogs a priorty when voting for upcoming legislation because the right politicians can make a difference in getting laws upheld, changed and updated to prevent this kind of animal abuse.

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  1. Please acknowledge receipt of completed adoption paperwork on the contingency that Polaris's placement does not work out. Thank you so much for your time and effort!

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