Wednesday, February 3, 2010

When those special, wonderful great adopters come along, they work miracles! Spirit (on right side above) sat in rescue with ARWNY at his foster Mom's place (bless you Greta!) for a year. He was a "real" Akita, and he was a long coat -- not so much demand for either one -- everyone today wants those "Labs in Akita coats" pretending to be REAL Akitas but actually more like silly Labs than Akitas, looking like Akitas but acting pretty much anything but. Yeah, we all want easy, right? Luckily, not everyone because Spirit got VERY lucky the day Linda did some checking on the internet to find just the right male Akita for her home -- he had to be a REAL Akita and he had to be a LONG COAT!! Well Linda spent months making sure Spirit was the right boy for her thru ARWNY, and after a home check, reference checks & her visit to PA to be sure all the way from her home in CA, Spirit knew he had found a home. Read this wonderful email from Linda -- she has made 2010 a better year already for me!!
Hi -

Just wanted to let you know that Spirit (new name 'Tenjin', which is the Japanese translation for the word 'spirit') is doing just great in his new home with me in the San Francisco area!

He has adjusted very well, and now has adapted to 'house rules' and a routine - he is such a smart dog! It is very evident that Tenjin was raised well by his previous owner, and continued to do well under Greta's care over the last year. Tenjin is now accomplished in all of the basic obedience commands (he still needs work on his 'stay' command, but we're working on that). We walk twice a day, with long hikes on the weekends. He loves meeting new people - and everyone praises him on how handsome he is!

Tenjin gets along very well with my female Akita (Yoshi). By the end of the 2nd week, the two of them no longer needed to be separated and now play together all the time. Yoshi has accepted him fully, and is very helpful to me in teaching Tenjin, as he copies her every move (he is sooo smart!).

I could not have asked for a better addition to my family - Tenjin has indeed found his forever home with me. Thanks to you both for taking such great care of Tenjin over the last year and for not giving up on him - he is a pleasure (he is the sweetest boy - but fierce when he needs to be!).

Here are a few pics of Tenjin in his new home with me and Yoshi - enjoy!

Best regards,

Thank you Linda -- for giving this special boy a warm place in your heart forever!!

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  1. Thank you Linda for giving Spirit/Tenjin the home he deserved. I'm so glad he and Yoshi are friends. It was wonderful meeting you at Greta's. Thank you again for your extraordinary efforts to make Spirit part of your family.