Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sign up NOW for the ACA National Akita Parade!

The premium list is posted on the Akita Club of America's website! YEAH!! Go to:

Scroll all the way thru to the last page -- page 13. Print it off, fill it in, and send it off with your $5.00 to enter! I've attached a picture of it here so you'll know which page you need to print off and sign!!

We are so very excited -- the ACA's National Specialty, to be held in Gettysburg PA this year, is the 25th Anniversary of the National Specialty. And its being held right here, in our area!!

We want to see as many adopted Akitas as possible in the parade -- so please, plan to join us on Friday 9/24/10 for this PARADE OF TITLEHOLDERS! If your Akita has any kind of title, like CD, TDI, etc by all means, we want you there too!!! The parade is a lovely event and highlights the rescues in a special way; it also shows the wonderful ways Akitas can be versatile!

If you have any questions at all about the Parade, just write me -- and I'll be more than happy to help!

So come one, come all -- don't miss out on a chance to see this wonderful National Specialty so close to our area and for sure don't miss out on the parade!!

On a great side note:

See the wonderful ARWNY booth while you are at the National -- our raffles are a sight to behold and you'll definately want to get some tickets -- you can get them ahead of time at

or start saving your money up now to buy tons of them at the show!! Either way -- just be sure to buy them as this raffle helps us fund our rescue efforts to save Akitas!

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  1. Can anyone go to the national specialty? Do you need tickets? Even if you didn't register your akita for anything, can you still take them?