Friday, August 20, 2010

Work and dreams....

Work, for good or bad, is a necessity in most of our lives. Its just such a shame that in mine, it interferes with what I want to really do -- Akita rescue. I've been out of work now for a very long time - having both knees replaced was a big deal so I've been on work disability since the first knee operation. Now I'm faced with having to go back to work. Most likely to a day job. UGH!! Most likely to one that will sap all my rapidly draining mental ability so that I'll be a zombie when I leave at nite.

OH NO -- who will answer all the emails I get daily? Who will get "snarky" on facebook on our pages there? Who will find links to help those who ask questions on our yahoo groups or via the website? Who will help Ms. Nancy figure out all the doggies in need & how we can help?

Most of all -- who will do the blog???

If I have to go back to a daytime job & sit in front of a computer all day listening to people whine at me while on the phone in customer service again, when I get home at nite I'll be zoned out and not want to get online after work or on my time off work....whatever shall I do???

If only I could win the lottery or find a fairy godmother to grant me a wish or two -- then I could just do what is more important than WORK -- and that's RESCUE!!

Oh to dream.....

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