Wednesday, January 13, 2010

She said, he said...

I thought I had left high-school behind. You know, those days of "Someone said that they were told you said something about me" kinds of days. The whisper down the alley days of childhood -- after all, I'm close to being eligible for social security so playing those games is long gone in my life.

But seems others are still playing them and have no problem accusing someone of saying things that they didn't say. They have no proof, can't even name who told them, yet run and accuse without any evidence. Seems like guilt to me -- got something to feel guilty over maybe, so of course you would jump to the conclusion if someone said something about you, it must be mean or degrading? What, no proof anything was said but just had to accuse anyway? Wow -- seems like you have a lot of guilt on your plate you need to get rid of.

Hearing someone said something about me, I'd like to assume its something nice first and foremost -- after all, I'm nice (honest I am!!) so of course people would want to say nice things about me, right? If you keep positives around you, then more positives will be attracted to you -- good karma and all that stuff.

So here's a tip -- next time you hear that "Someone is talking about you" -- how about assuming its nice things and moving on? Isn't it about time we stop spreading the negatives and concentrate on the positives? That's my life philosophy -- no more room in my life for negatives -- cancer and bad knees is all the negatives this ole' lady can handle these days!!

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