Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tis cold, windy & yet still...

ARWNY has managed to get some wonderful Akitas adopted!! Some great amazing homes have come along -- the type of homes that understand the older Akitas (Like Athena above who was adopted just yesterday!) need homes also, and the other type of homes that are willing to do the training necessary for success with these youngsters that we have in our care.

Its easy to bring home a well-trained, well-behaved middle-aged dog -- that walk right in as if they lived there for their entire lives.

But to those fabulous adopters who are willing to give an older Akita the remaining few years of its life a great home, there is a special place in my heart. I love the older Akitas - so sad at having lost their homes in their twilight years, so willing to bond to someone who will love them for the rest of their lives, however short that may be. While its always hard to lose our beloved pets, giving of your home and love to an older Akita despite knowing you won't have many years with that Akita is a very special thing to do --so thank you anyone that does that!! I will never own anything but a senior these days myself!! I just love the dignity, the intellect, the sudden bursts of playfullness followed by complete calm that we have with our seniors! To those who have never adopted a senior - try it, you may find you like it!

And also to those willing to put up with the antics of the young adults/pups in rescue -- bless you also! I am SO over the "isn't he/she cute" antics of puppyhood -- but lately that seems to be all we get in rescue - either oldies or babies!! So to those willing to go thru the housebreaking, the crate training, the obedience work necessary, thank you so much! You will end up with a great pet for many years to come if you just have consistency, patience and discipline -- obviously what their original owners were lacking which is why they ended up in rescue to begin with!!

I am very hopeful for 2010 -- so far, we are off to a MUCH better start with our adoptions and applications than this time in 2009!!

So keep on spreading the word about adopting to all your friends and family out there! And another way for us to reach the public is if all Akita breeders across the country would have a link to the nearest Akita rescue to them, or to the ACA Akita Rescue webpages so potential homes could see it and consider a rescue. Just as rescue often refers adopters to puppy breeders due to certain needs in the home, so too should breeders refer to rescue when a potential home could and would take on a young adult!!

Lets hope 2010 keeps on being this good to our Akits in rescue - may they all find great homes and not wait very long, sad, distressed and silent, for a 'furever' home to come along!

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