Friday, January 8, 2010

Two Seniors are coming!

Lovey and Winter will be coming to ARWNY on Sunday. They were rescued in CT by Kim Holmes & have been staying at a kennel there until we had room at "Chez Dimon" in NJ. It was just discovered that they unfortunately suffer from Heartworm and LYME. Yet despite not feeling well and even with Winter having an ear infection, Kim their "foster mommy" in CT, has reported these two are special loving Akitas who are still enjoying life and both are affectionate and playful despite their ages of 9 and 11. She reports that Lovey especially has discovered the joy of toys -- playing happily with any toy given to her, throwing it in the air, running around with it in her mouth. Considering the hard lives these two have lived, its doubtful they had toys previously but now, in their senior years, they are enjoying them. We suspect we know who their breeder was that dumped them; the man who surrendered them had them living in a kennel area of his yard with no shelter, no dog houses, nothing but the frozen ground to lay on. Poor Winter, age 11, especially suffered with his arthritis but Lovey, age 9, did the best she could to keep him warm and shield him from the wind with her body. What a loving couple they are -- better than most human couples I know, eh? We could learn a lot from our Akitas' examples, folks!

Now there may be people who would ask -- why take on dogs this age when there are so many younger ones out there in need of a home? We ask ourselves daily this question yet the answer is always the same -- we do discriminate about Akitas with human aggression issues, with unprovoked bite issues -- but we cannot discriminate against Akitas with such great personalities due to their age. As long as they have quality of life -- and both do -- as long as they are healthy enough to enjoy life -- they are - then we feel we can work with them to find them a loving home who will let them live out their lives happily and safely. I'm considered a senior citizen and I would hope no one would want to throw me out the door based on my age (well Jenn probably does often but she never follows thru!) so how can I discriminate against an Akita due to age? We will treat the HW gently, take care of the LYME, clear up Winter's ear infection -- but now what we need is a permanent adopter or even a permanent foster home for these two loving sweet Akitas.

For a look at them and to read their stories, go to:

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