Sunday, July 5, 2009

Another Akita dumped...

Carla Boyd, our Philadelphia PA volunteer, got a call from a local PA shelter -- a 6 month old female puppy was dumped by its owner on July 4th. *SIGH* Why are we seeing so many young ones? Carla pulled her immediately the same day to prevent her from getting sick in a shelter at her young age. So now -- one more in rescue. And so many more in local shelters -- a gorgeous male in Delaware County Shelter, a female sweetheart in Chester County Shelter. All young adults, adoptable, healthy. And that's just in one weekend in one area. So many Akitas in need, so few qualified adopters!

And then of course, when people apply they always seem to have special needs -- already have multiple dogs, cats, toddlers -- makes our job harder to try to match up the right Akita to these homes. This breed needs just the right placement. So we can only do placements when we have just the right home come along. That means some of our Akitas must sit in kennels for weeks, even months waiting for the right match.

I can only hope that more really good applications come our way. Its sad to see these wonderful Akitas sitting in shelters, knowing we have no room for them, no homes for them.

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