Thursday, July 16, 2009

Common sense is dead...

it must be -- or why else would this video have been posted to YOUTUBE:

WHY would any sane adult human being post a video showing their toddler climbing & standing on their Akita's ribcage? Why would you even ENCOURAGE that? Why would you say to eh world that its OK for their child to do this?

And then we wonder why any dog BITES in this country--when children are taught NO respect for another living creature? Not only taught NO RESPECT but actually (so they can film it) encourage your child to climb all over your sleeping dog, to allow your child to possibly hurt your dog by standing on its ribcage. These are the same type of parents that will dump their Akita in a few months, or a year or a few years, when the Akita finally has had enough of the abuse & growls at the child who will be bigger, hurt it more and show even less respect. They will then tell the world Akitas are aggressive, they have problems with children -- and will never blame themselves as being the cause.

It never ceases to amaze me how people can have so little sense. To actually encourage a toddler to stand on a dog (of any size!!), to insist an Akita tolerate this behavior -- to FILM IT no less. I just don't get it.

I guess I have too much respect for animals in general to think this is ok. I have too much respect for Akitas in particular to be able to even view this more than once without having tears pour down my cheeks.

I am outraged, at a time in our breed's history when BSL leaders & Animal Rights groups are labeling our breed VICIOUS & naming them to BANNED LISTS, that an owner would teach his child its OK to disrespect and be cruel to an Akita. Dogs have a right to protect themselves from harm, from cruelty by any human of any age -- but when they do try to protect themselves , its ALWAYS the dog's fault never the human's fault in our society.

When a child sticks a pencil thru a dog's eardrum, I feel the dog has a right to bite the hand that is hurting him. When a child jumps off the sofa repeatedly on the sleeping dog, I feel the dog has a right to growl at that child. When a human decides to punish a dog, for eating a scrap of food that fell on the floor, by kicking it in the side, I feel the dog has every right to growl or even snap at the offending foot that has just kicked him. Yet over and over, dogs are killed daily for doing just that. Its sickening and if YOUTUBE is any indication, its only getting worse!!

I'm so angry I can't even sleep --

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