Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dogs & Heat

What's with all the police officers (who should know better!) leaving their service dogs in their locked cars to boil to death in the heat? I am shocked -- surely they know better or should know better? Its bad enough when a pet owner does it, but I can't believe the K-9 police officers aren't drilled on that stuff in school? For any dog to suffer and die that way is just horrid -- I've called the police several times over the years to release a pet that was locked in a hot car during the summer months. But who do you call ABOUT the police when their service dog is locked in a police car? Another police officer? The firemen? I mean really....that saying "Common sense is no longer common" is definately applying to today's world...

1 comment:

  1. These days, I often see K-9 units around town equipped with what look to be enormous box fans filling one rear window. Combined with a second window open and gated, they provide enough cross-ventilation for the dog to be safe. You'd think that such a setup would be a must for police dogs who must remain in parked cruisers in the summertime...

    That said, I think you could still call the police on the police, or at least photograph / document what you see and write a formal complaint so it doesn't happen in the future.