Monday, July 6, 2009

How sad for old stray Akitas...

I spent some time at Joann's place today, with Deb Karfs and my daughter Jenn. Soon I won't be able to go anywhere because of the knee surgery, so wanted to take up some things I had for Joann & see the dogs in her care b4 that happens.

Let me tell you about a really old gal I got to meet that Joann saved from dying alone, scared and with no one that loved her in a NYC shelter. This old gal was found wandering the streets, with a brand new red harness on her but in such terrible shape and so old, she could barely drag herself around. Her coat was filthy and matted, she could barely stand, and yet there was-is- a sparkle in her eye and a dignity to her that Joann couldn't pass by. So home to "Casa Dimon" she came to live out her days with love and happiness, even if those days are obviously so numbered. She's not up for adoption -- Joann and her family are keeping her with them for whatever short time she has left.

So we sat poolside today, meeting all the dogs but finding ourselves being drawn mostly to this old gal, Ginger. She was totally non-dog aggressive, with such beauty to her, such confidence in her gaze, being social with all of us that she has never met. I was especially appreciative of how mellow she was, as she spent the afternoon walking around and sniffing, watching, looking, confident in her own Akita-ness that she never cared if any of the other Akitas there were NOT happy to have her near them. She paid them no mind -- not b/c she was afraid of them or shy, but because in her mind, OH they were not worthy of her attention!!!! Yet for us humans, her attention was so easily won over with a cookie that we laughed over and over as she watched to see who had food, who didn't, her "why bother with you if someone on the other side of the table had a morsel for me" attitude!!

Amazingly, for as slow as she walked, let her see the gate to outside open & her speed picked right up as she trotted towards the open gate, because she loves her walks around the block, thinking I am sure that she is being admired by all the neighbors for her beauty, that she doesn't know has long since faded -- in her mind, she is still that young & gorgeous Akita you can tell she once was!! She was an Akita version of Norma Desmond from SUNSET BLVD, still the movie star wanting the world to admire her despite her age & faded beauty -- what a true Akita!!

And while her age may have slowed her body down, her mind was sharp as a tack -- she was not about to be put back in her kennel, not with all us there feeding her cookies -- oh no, she was ALL Akita then, using those brains to figure out how to get around the idea of "back inside" when Matt tried at one point!! She was all about being a true Akita -- stubborn!! It was so funny to watch the "wheels turning" in her head as she out thought her humans!

At approx 13, who could have just left her go, who wouldn't have turned over heaven and earth to find this sweet, gorgeous, smart & mellow girl? What kind of unthinking, uncaring person would just not worry about her anymore -- after she was such a loyal and loving Akita to them?

Why can't humans be at least partly as loyal to their Akitas, as their Akitas are loyal to them? I just don't get it. But I do know this -- if she had to end up a stray, if she had to be dumped on the street, at least she ended up at Casa Dimon with Jo's family. At least when her time comes, she won't be sad, alone and feeling unloved.
I wish there was a Casa Dimon out there for every single unwanted, stray, dumped least Ginger is one of the lucky ones.

P.S. Seeing Ginger safe & happy today, I was reminded in my heart to say: Thank heavens for all the volunteers in Akita Rescues around the country -- around the world -- that work hard to keep as many Akitas as they can from feeling unloved, scared and alone!!

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