Monday, July 6, 2009

Cabinets, here we come!!

When Jenn was looking to buy a house after we left the kennel, she wanted one with a yard big enough to foster Akitas. So we ended up with this house -- it has a nice yard with shade and already has a nice cement pad to put in a dog run for fostering, just needed to be fenced in. But guess what -- it didn't have a kitchen! There was a stove & a sink, and 3 plastic cabinets -- you read that right, plastic cabinets and they are so thin, you can't even put a dinner plate in them. Bet you don't remember ever seeing plastic cabinets! So we have to put in a kitchen and of course, that takes money and time.

But just so you know what dog people we truly are, while we have been here for months with NO kitchen, we DO HAVE a fenced in yard now, thanks to all those wonderful ARWNY people who came and put up the wooden fence Jenn bought!! One of them, who shall remain nameless, even got on a ladder and cut down the huge magnolia tree that was in the way of the fence (while his wife was off with me doing a transport for a rescue dog!!) which made the fence look so much more wonderful & saved Jenn about $900 in tree removal costs!! But oh my poor Jenn had an anxiety attack watching him up on the ladder, she had knots in her stomach!! So now, boy do we have a gorgeous fence in our backyard! Once my son buys his house & moves out with his Akitas, we will start fostering a dog at a time here!!

As for the kitchen -- now, today, finally, after being here for months with no cabinets, no dishwasher, nowhere to even put dishes & no counter space -- Jenn is ordering unfinished kitchen cabinets that she will then paint. She ordered a dishwasher, an over the stove microwave, a kitchen fan for the ceiling, and even got BaeBae a new food/water stand!! Now she just has to pick out the counter tops and the floor. And one day soon, we will actually have a useable kitchen. But hey, we have had a useable dog yard for weeks now!!

Just goes to show where our priorities are, right? Dog people just will always be dog people.... LOL

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