Sunday, July 19, 2009

Public education...

while you like it or not is being done by everyone that owns an Akita every time you step out the door, take a photo, write an email, post a video -- so its up to you to be sure its positive public education! In today's world, with cell phone videos, picture sites, YOUTUBE, Facebook, websites, blogs, etc -- everything we all do is some form of public education even if you don't realize it is. So its really vital that as Akita owners of any type (show, breeders, trainers, pet owners), we do the right things with our Akitas at all times. Because others are watching, possibly taking cues from us, or even worse possibly using it against our beloved breed. Animal Rights groups like PETA & HSUS are always watching, wanting to have something to use against us as pet owners since their hidden agenda is all about completely ending pet ownership. Our breed has it hard enough without adding anything as fuel to their fire. And then there are new Akita owners who see something being done and think its ok to do it with their Akita -- even if its NOT ok to do. Everything we say, we do, we post, we photograph, we send to anyone anywhere, instantly becomes some form of public education!!

So please remember -- if you are going to send pictures, post videos, or even just be out in the public's eye with your Akita on a walk, at a dog show, visiting a friend -- please always remember to conduct yourself in a way that presents our breed as positively as possible. Don't put your Akita in a situation that could result in someone photographing or sending video of your Akita in a negative way. I love this breed so much and want all the public education out there about our breed to be as positive as possible for the breed so I need all your help in doing this!!

Just a heads up for today!!

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