Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good people...

Recently on the AKITA FORUM, an Akita owner that I helped with some information and direction for his Akita Ridley, wanted to do something nice for our rescue ARWNY, as a way of thanking me. So Sean issued a challenge to the whole group. He said he would match donations made to ARWNY up to $500 in the name of Ben, the blind Akita we have that is need of an operation to have his eyes removed.

It was a superbly generous offer, considering all Sean has spent on trying to get his own Akita, Ridley, healthy. Yet he made the offer, in this day and age of financial instability. And the group came through!! We had $520 donated by others in the group. Sean then matched that with his $500. That's an amazing amount of money raised by someone making a challenge.

Its because of people like Sean, and members of the Akita Forum, that ARWNY can continue to do the work we do. Helping a worthy Akita like Ben is what our rescue is all about. Its not about saving only the young, healthy and easy-to-place Akitas. Its about helping the worthy Akitas no matter what the age, as long as we can make them healthy again for rehoming. The Akitas like Ben, who are mistreated yet still remain loyal to humans. Who are denied vet care and suffer, yet still reach out to humans with a happy tail wag and a kiss. Who are locked away in cages without ever knowing what its like to sleep on a soft bed, yet still follow a human happily on the end of the leash once they come to rescue. This is who we do rescue for.

And its because of Sean and the members of the Akita Forum, that we can continue to do it.

If you want to read about Ben's story, go to our website at and you'll find it on our homepage.


  1. Kathy....

    When are you planning to do an auction for Ben?

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  3. I doubt we will have a chance for that -- with the picnic, the Nationals, my & Nancy's upcoming surgeries and rehabs, Nancy's house being sold, etc I think we will have to be thankful to Sean for the Challenge and those funds and will work it out from there. But thanks for asking!!