Tuesday, July 14, 2009


after Jenn went to talk with our next-door neighbor (we'll call her S.) we found out we were right -- it is the neighbor (we'll call her B) across the street. Per the talk, seems that B. was asking others if they 'saw' our dogs out & she was going to complain about mess, etc. But S. told her that since she sees Jenn, Jim and Justin out with the pooperscooopers in our own yard, that she knows the mess is not ours, its not even the right size for our dogs for heaven sakes!! And seems that b4 we moved in, this B. harrassed the other dog owners on the street all the time too. Guess since we are new, we are getting the heat now.

SO -- after Jenn discussed this, she feels the best thing to do is just give them nothing to complain about, to keep the neighbors we KNOW are not complaining on our side and just act like nothing happened. If this B. dares to complain to the township & try to pin something on our Akitas, we will be ready for it -- they will have to prove it is our Akitas -- so they better have some pictures to show as proof along with DNA tests done on the poop!! And then we will retaliate -- harrassment letters from our lawyer might work!! But all in all, Jenn felt much better after her talk with our next-door neighbor S. today so its all smooth again for now.

Its funny -- I've spent years advising people on these issues but never had to deal with it myself -- now here I am, at this point in my life, and I'm NOT as mellow as I once might have been -- and definately will NOT "slip silently into the night" as they may hope I will!!!

Thanks for the comment left here on my earlier post, CJ -- it was well-taken, thanks so much for your thoughts!!

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  1. Whew. On the bright side, if B has been doing this to other neighbors for a while, and hasn't called the township on them, then she's not going to start it now. The more I think about your situation, the more I understand the distress of your earlier post -- I would have a horrible time feeling at home in a neighborhood where my dog wasn't welcome. Good thing B isn't the whole neighborhood, and others have her number...